Gradient Swatch Library is a small pocket sized book that encases all 400+ gradients that are tucked away, pre-loaded in Adobe Illustrator. This book contains all the sample swatches from 22 themed sections of colors such as, “Fruits & Vegetables,” “Metallics,” and “Earthtones” to name a few. It serves as a designer or illustrator's reference resource, as well as a huge color spectrum flipbook that is enjoyable to use or just flip through. 
Gradient Swatch Libraries           
A New Tool for Designers
Published: December 2019
Dimensions: 4.5” x 3.5”
424 Pages perfect bound
Laser printed with Soft-Touch Lamanent Cover
Printed at Shores Press in San Carlos, California.

You can look through and pull one specific fade to use,
or you can pull a few from your color palette.

After I realized how many different kinds of gradients there are built-in, and that this tool was not widely known by the designers and artists I spoke with. I came to realize that digital illustrators use this these the most, but combined with the new gradient editability in Adobe the potential is highlighted within Gradient Swatch Libraries.

Graphic Designer
San Francisco